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Extra-curricular activities



One swimming team went to the championship in Hautepierre (near Strasburg) on 12 February 2014.




At Champagnat, gymnastics is coordinated by Mr. Charpier after lunch.





Mrs Garcia is in charge of badminton at Marcellin Champagnat School as well as for “UNSS” (Sport at School Union). It’s so funny! A lot of pupils enroll every year. Mrs Garcia is very kind with the new recruits. We feel great when we play. Badminton is practised in the school gymnasium.


Horse Riding

Two horse riding teams participated in the Horse Riding on Pony Department Championship in Cernay on Wednesday the 26th of March 2014.

One team finished second and was qualified for the Academic Championship on Wednesday the 9th of April in Erstein.

The team finished second and could participate in the Horse Riding on Pony National Championship in Conches en Ouche from the 14th to the 16th of May 2014.

They ended up French vice champions.




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