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Every year at Champagnat, we organize a lot of activities:

- a Christmas Market

- the end-of-the-year funfair

- « Champagnat's Got Talent »

- a Football cup

and special-theme days like « Brazil Day »(in honor of the Football World Cup 2014)


End-of-the-year funfair


It is a day when we can play a lot of games like the trampoline, inflated castle structures, circus bikes, etc...

And in the morning, there is a mass.


« Champagnat's Got Talent »


«Champagnat's Got Talent» is a week for all the pupils who have a talent. They show to the other pupils what they want:

they sing, dance, play music...



The Christmas Market


he Christmas Market is a moment when pupils and their friends can eat, listen to the choir, and have fun. Primary School pupils make some objects and they sell them during the market.



The Football Cup


The Football Cup is a tournament where all the classes play against each other. There’s a cup for girls and one for boys. The winners play against the teachers’ team. The other pupils can support them.








On Dog Day, 5ème pupils learn about dogs (their health, the vets, the equivalent of the RSPCA, the breeds, the sports, dogs’ behaviours, etc….).

We meet ethologists, behaviourists, vets, the President of the SPA (equivalent of the RSPCA) from Colmar, people who practise sports with their dog (for example agility) dog lovers…and dogs! They teach us a lot.

We learn a lot of things in the different workshops, for example:

-9 times out of ten, it is the child’s fault that he/she gets bitten, and not the dog’s fault

-in the world, there are 354 dog breeds

-the golden retriever is the dog which bites most

-it’s during the summer holidays that dogs and cats are most abandoned.


In conclusion, it’s a fantastic day for all the pupils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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