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The school canteen


At Champagnat, the canteen is separated into two, the pupils’ canteen and the teachers’. It’s open every day, even on Wednesdays.  The school children can eat from 12h15 to 13h30. Dishes are varied there.

The canteen is a place where we can eat, like a restaurant.

The HACCP is interested in 3 classes of dangers for the hygiene of the food: biological dangers (viruses, bacteria), chemical dangers (pesticides, additives), physical dangers (wood, glass)



Here is the chef of the kitchen. He has been working here for 2 years. Mr. Heinrich had worked in a traditional restaurant for 20 years. He had worked every day, even at week-ends. So, he was tired and decided to go to a school canteen because the job is easier and he loves children.


Here is the teacher’s restaurant; there is no difference with the pupils’ canteen.



Here is the pupils’ canteen. We can see the different starters.



This is the presentation of a typical tray :


A tray is composed of :

-         One starter (we can choose between four starters with meat or vegetables)

-         One main course (we can choose between two types of vegetables or starchy food, and meat or fish)

-         One yoghurt or cheese

-         One dessert (fruit or cake)



This is the kitchen where our meals are prepared.


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